Maintaining a clean Wedding DJ Presentation

Professional Wedding DJs know how to create a luxury experience by maintaining an upscale aesthetic, and an important part of that is a clean setup.


There are 3 simple ways to improve the image of your DJ equipment.


1. Correctly tape down wires with gaffers tape.

2. Use speaker stand skirts

3. Setup a facade wall for the front of your table.


Do that, and the experience your wedding DJ service will provide is certain to go from coach to first class, impressing your clients from the moment they walk into the room..


The speaker stand skirt we use is the On-Stage SSA100B Speaker/Lighting Stand Skirt. Like the facade, the skirt is perfect for hiding eyesores like wires, cords and bulky tripod legs, and is made of a durable nylon fabric that stretches up to six feet. The flexible material allows the fabric to be adjusted to the height your stand. The skirt covers two out of the three sides of the stand; thus covering those ugly wires and allowing you access to your equipment from the back side at the same time. Additionally the velcro straps and built in pouch make for fast and easy setup, teardown and storage. The skirt is also flame and wrinkle resistant and comes in black and white. The color is totally up to you, but white can get dirty and can be hard to clean, although the fabric is machine washable. These skirts are an inexpensive and easy way to keep your setup clean.

Gaffers Tape, Speaker Skirts, and Facades  For Michigan Wedding DJS

Facades are another piece of equipment that goes with us to every event. We use the Happybuy DJ Event Facade when we want a white presentation, and the CedarsLink DJ Event Facade when we think black will look better. While both come with black and white panels, the velcro that attaches the panels to the frame in the Happybuy facade is white while the CedarLinks variety is black. We have found that the white velcro sticks out along the edge of the black fabric and does not create a professional look, and visa versa. Get the Happybuy DJ Event Facade if you like a white facade, and get the Cedar Links DJ Event Facade if you prefer black.

Wire management is another critical component for a first class DJ set up. Messy wires not only look unprofessional, they also present a safety hazard, and the last thing a DJ wants is a guest tripping over their cords and taking a speaker down on top of them. The best way to prevent calamities such as this is to tape down your wires with gaffers tape. Although there are lots of options that will work fine, we recommend using Black Gaffers Tape - 2 Pack - 30 Yards & 2 inch Wide rolls. The price is the most reasonable when you're buying in bulk, and at 2 inches the tape is wide enough to hold down multiple wires at a time. Additionally, this tape is easily torn off and won’t leave behind a residue. It is important to note that you can buy gaffers tape with a stronger adhesive but it is typically overkill for one day events. Black Gaffers Tape - 2 Pack - 30 Yards & 2 inch Wide will hold your wires in place without damaging your equipment or the venues surfaces when you remove it at the end of the night. Taping down wires is how a first class DJ maintains a standard of safety and professionalism while creating a clean setup.

In order to create a first class experience for your clients it is crucial to tape down wires, set up skirts with your speaker stands, and put up a facade. These are small details that make a big difference at an event and is what sets a professional DJ on the next level of quality.


Plus, it’s not very expensive and doesn’t take much time to do.

Questions? Just reach out.


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