• Seth Michaels

The Best Event Uplighting

The right event uplighting can add dramatic value to your special occasions, accenting the venues architecture, and carrying your clients color scheme throughout the space. Uplighting can take a typical windowless hall and transform it into a dreamscape of impressive visuals. It's not something every client is going to add to their package, but for those that do, providing up lighting can be a great way for wedding DJs to take their clients experience to the next level.... if done correctly.

Not all uplighting products are created equal, and the investment can range hugely. There are uplighting manufacturers peddling lights that run so loud they fill the room with a static buzz, or burn out the first time you use them. Spend a little bit more and they might work okay, but you'll be running ugly wires around the room to power and connect them. This takes a lot of time, and also adds a bunch of eye sores around the room, which is counterproductive since the point of uplighting is to add a POSITIVE visual element. We've all been to events where the uplighting beams are so thin and dull that it looks like a bunch of colored toothpicks shooting up the walls. If you invest in some of these cheaper options you might be able to sell the package, but it's doubtful the client will be happy they bought it from you.

We're happy to let you in on a little secret. What's the best uplighting that guarantees ease of use, pride of service, and happy customers? In our humble opinion, it's hands down the Adkins Professional Lighting 9x6W.

Click one of our bolded amazon links and check out some of their package options as well. Just don't get the 10 light carrying case package unless you have a lot of room in your vehicle and always have an assistant handy to help with the heavy lifting. One strong person CAN NOT carry that alone, however the 6 light carrying case package is easier to handle. I can personally pick it up by myself.

If you're wondering how long it would take you to pay off the investment, let me share with you some Michigan wedding DJ uplighting pricing information.

12 Up light package SERVICE: Ranging between $600-$800, but we only charge $495.

18 Up Light Package SERVICE: Ranging between $800 and $1000, but we only charge $695

Hope this helps! If you ever have any questions just reach out!

LED Up Light - 16 Hour LED Battery Powered Wireless DMX - 9x6w RGBAW+UV (White Case) - Weddings - Stage Light - Dj Light

Wedding Up Lighting - 6 LED Battery Powered Wireless Lights w/Case & Easy Controller - 16 Hour - Adkins Professional Lighting - UpPak6_9x6-W-C